Jake Latimore Miller

    Filmmaker- Producer- Film Director-Screenwriter-Actor-Entrepreneur- Businessman- Influencer

    Jacob N zi ya , better known from his internet and onscreen name, Jake Latimore Miller, rose to fame in 2022. Jake Latimore Miller is a popular filmmaker, and an American social media personality, who has millions of followers on his social media channels. The popular filmmaker, the Instagram Superstar, top-notch content creator – the super talented Jake Latimore Miller no longer needs an introduction! With millions of followers on his Social media, he has certainly taken the internet by storm. He is best known for being one of the most followed and talented creators you will find on Instagram,Tik Tok,Facebook and YouTube. He directs, writes, produces, and edits his own content. He created a loyal fan base of several millions in such a short time. Many online publications News contribute to his online video content. Ever since he became popular on social media, his videos have become popular all over the world. He has created his own production company – “JLM Prod Studio”

    JLM Prod Studio

    Founded by Jake Latimore Miller, ” JLM Prod Studio” is STUDIO PRODUCTION that cultivates artistic, thought-provoking projects across film, television and digital platforms. Our company is committed to groundbreaking storytelling, visionary world-building and the unpacking of contemporary social issues. “JLM Prod Studio”upholds highly specific perspectives and artistic collaborations with unique and traditionally underrepresented voices. Our work challenges the conventional architecture of genre storytelling from horror to science fiction to social satire, while balancing avant garde visual language with undeniably contagious fun.
    JLM Prod Studio is also a DIGITAL MAKETING AGENCY. We provide Digital Marketing service to business from content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), online campaign/Advertising, social media marketing, mobile app, website design and web development service to achieve online visibility, create engagement with audience and attract the audience in the most effective way in order to complete their business goals.


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